We All Share Common Goals

Personally I think that this may be one of the greatest verses that I have ever written.  I have been battling demons for a very long time, and lately I have told those demons to fuck off and let me live in peace.  Since I have made this radical change in my life, I have found that many things are changing.

” There’s a war on humanity I’ve challenged insanity My body’s gone clean So my mind can’t be mad at me The Change has been made See you later self hate The headaches are gone I can continue with fate”
I find it fascinating that the human mind and body can endure so much abuse.  Manipulation is at the forefront of it all.  We trick ourselves so often that we eventually allow our minds to take the fall while our bodies take the beatings.  Eventually both the mind and the body just adapt to the circumstances amid which we decide to live by and we slowly deteriorate.
Well not anymore….at least not for me….

This song resonates deeply with me because of a couple reasons.
1. I wrote the verse in 10 minutes
2. I had such a clear mind when I was writing it.
3. Performing it gives me a thrill.

I haven’t been writing songs as much as I used to.  The burning desire in me that makes me want to create music so often is a desire that I have learned to control.  There used to be attachments to all the songs I would write.  Sub-consciously I would have expectations from each song  I created.  Was it fame that I wanted?  No, not necessarily.  I think it was acknowledgment that I craved.

The airwaves are polluted with music, and unless I’m signed to a major label, or do something incredibly stupid and capture it on film, my youtube channel isn’t going to hit the hundreds of thousands of hits that I used to aspire to have so much.

These days I just write for the sake of contribution.  I feel very proud to be a part of this global movement that Niko Sofianos has created.  Project Youniverses aims to musically unite humanity, give rise to conscious hip-hop, and present an opportunity for artists worldwide to express their love, pain, beliefs, philosophies, and experiences covering various topics from current world issues, to peace and harmony. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Project-YOUniverses/300104530099694

Read the lyrics below and watch the video.  Let’s get the word out.  Share this if you support the cause.

Thanks for reading,


A Common Goal

There’s certain liberties involved When a human has evolved It’s a simple understanding that a problem has been solved As the world keeps turning my eyes keep learning Heart keeps yearning Spirit keeps earning From all walks of life We rap to survive Writing is the method that connects us to our soul I never feel alone cuz we share a common goal Project youniverses is spreading through the globe/

Theres a war on humanity I’ve challenged insanity My body’s gone clean So my mind can’t be mad at me The Change has been made See you later self hate The headaches are gone I can continue with fate Repetition is the mother of skill The way I bring it is ill I give it up to my will Because I got this Flows like a mystery You wonder like its Loch Ness Who in the universe wouldn’t wanna cop this/


It wasn't long before Marcos enrolled himself into a life coaching program that made him a certified Personal Empowerment Life Coach. With dreams of traveling the world as a motivational speaker, Marcos grabbed a firm hold of his dreams and decided to take action. The combination of his two passions, music and expressive guidance, led him to create a joint venture with a fellow mastermind called Niko Sofianos. Together they formed a group of artists called A.D.D. (Alternate Drive & Destiny), an array of musical talent that each share the common negative stigma known as Attention Deficit Disorder. Rather than accept that ADD is a negative deficiency, they strive to exemplify that ADD has a higher understanding of brain activity that has simply been misunderstood.  Together they strive to empower individuals with the newly discovered scientific research that proves ADD is a form of creative genius that is integrating with human consciousness and is forcing us to look at the world and each other in a whole new way. 

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