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Since the entire concept of this blog is to share awareness and life experience on how I am becoming myBestSelf, I’d like to share something new that I have stumbled upon this week.

I meet so many people on a weekly basis that tell me stories about their lives and how they strive to become their Best Self. I listen closely and respond with support and guidance. It amazes me the amounts of people that actually do not care about the finer details of their own lives. So many people are conscious of positive change, but do not follow through with their inner desires to actually start making that change that they long for.

I can admit to being one of those people that is conscious of positive change but have not followed through with my inner desires to make a change that I long for….until recently!

2 weeks ago I began to make some life changing decision that have proven to work in my favor.  I took a leap of faith in myself and started to change my daily routine.  Old habits started to disappear and new habits started to appear. I decided to put forward a good effort to cleaning up my health via mental, emotional, and physical.

I have learned that one of my biggest problems is wanting change right away.  This mentality of having high expectations has proven to be detrimental to my health.  Having expectations of anything isn’t a good thing, yet having expectations of seeing results from physical exercise and cutting off bad habits involving what you put into your body isn’t good either.

Now with that said, I’d like to introduce you to a product I have stumbled upon that actually GIVES RESULTS IMMEDIATELY!  It’s funny because this product goes against everything that I just said above.  It’s remarkable!


A good friend of mine decided to take some initiative to cut some inches off of her belly by trying a Body Wrap that she heard about in a mall.

I was with her when she measured her waist line before the wrap, and I was with her 45 minutes later when she took it off.  To my amazement, when she measured herself after the treatment, she lost 3 inches off of her belly!


I couldn’t believe it! So I dug deep into the world of The Ultimate Body Applicator to see how “it works”.

Here is how it breaks down… (Remember, the ingredients in the wrap are all natural, plant extracts and botanicals, very healthy “food” for your skin and deeper tissues.)


A. The ingredients promote Lipolysis. This literally means “fat-breaking”. The plant extracts and gets into the fat cell and chop up the large fat molecules into little ones, which are now allowed to leave the cell. They are then burned up as energy somewhere else in the body, which is one reason why we want you to be well hydrated while you are using the applicators.  This will help circulate the little fat molecules that are being released. This is HUGE and very important to know because the applicators (Body Wraps) are literally promoting FAT LOSS during this process!
B. The ingredients also release toxins from the fat cell.   A major function of fat cells is to store toxins, so if we can release toxins, then we can achieve a shrinking of the fat cell.
C. The ingredients improve the micro-circulation of the area being applied to. This is what creates some of that tightening, firming and toning effect. Fat tissue requires a great deal of blood vessels and such; if we can improve the micro-circulation then we can improve the overall health of the area.
D. They have an anti-inflammatory effect. Fat tissue is terribly inflamed because of all the toxins and such. Again, we get tightening, firming and toning because we’ve increased the overall health of the area applied and reduce the inflammation of the skin.

I signed up as Distributor so I have packages for sale!
Email me if you would like more information and if you would like to order your very own Wraps.




It wasn't long before Marcos enrolled himself into a life coaching program that made him a certified Personal Empowerment Life Coach. With dreams of traveling the world as a motivational speaker, Marcos grabbed a firm hold of his dreams and decided to take action. The combination of his two passions, music and expressive guidance, led him to create a joint venture with a fellow mastermind called Niko Sofianos. Together they formed a group of artists called A.D.D. (Alternate Drive & Destiny), an array of musical talent that each share the common negative stigma known as Attention Deficit Disorder. Rather than accept that ADD is a negative deficiency, they strive to exemplify that ADD has a higher understanding of brain activity that has simply been misunderstood.  Together they strive to empower individuals with the newly discovered scientific research that proves ADD is a form of creative genius that is integrating with human consciousness and is forcing us to look at the world and each other in a whole new way. 

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