No Way Out

Yes it’s that time again. It’s that time to share a new verse that was written this weekend! Apparently I’ve been branded as a young, fashion conscious, motivational speaking hip hop artist. Well if that’s what I am, then that is what I will deliver. Sheldon and Niko recently made this epic beat. The beat that resonates deeply within me. The beat is almost dubstep, it’s missing a few elements but its still an amazing production. . Sheldon asked me to write a verse that would resonate with young kids and teenagers who are struggling with confidence and social skills.

He mentioned that he would like the verse to speak to the masses as a message of encouragement towards pursuing their passions and never giving up on their dreams. As I wrote the verse I imagined me rapping to my 12 year old cousin and him rapping parts of the verse back to me and vice versa.

On a personal note I am very proud of the verse. I feel that it s written somewhat poetic and that it delivers justice to the concept that it came from. The rhyme scheme is ridiculous. It’s so on point! Watch the Vlog below to hear a rough edit of the verse over the 1st draft of the instrumental. Tracks called “No Way Out”.

There’s people that wanna test you and people that try to affect you
People that wanna get you
And people that bet you
Can’t succeed can’t be free can’t be the things that you believe
Well I say f f f forget about them
Focus on you

Do the things your born to do
Change your mindset attitude
Respect your enemies
Know your goal
Then lead the path as a man in control
Reach the top then say wassup to all those that just hated
Then lend a hand and say what up man I can help u make it.
It’s not debated I know it’s true

Life is awesome just like you
Make sure you just do you
I found a way to keep it true
I realized I’m the living proof
Not aloof and not a goof
My storys true
Something new
Tell me what u gonna do

I’mma be the best and I won’t rest until I know I made it
I’ll give the world everything I am and that can’t be debated
I’m an all star player in the game and I ain’t down for trading
I appreciate the help my friends now let’s just keep creating!


Marcos Mendosa


It wasn't long before Marcos enrolled himself into a life coaching program that made him a certified Personal Empowerment Life Coach. With dreams of traveling the world as a motivational speaker, Marcos grabbed a firm hold of his dreams and decided to take action. The combination of his two passions, music and expressive guidance, led him to create a joint venture with a fellow mastermind called Niko Sofianos. Together they formed a group of artists called A.D.D. (Alternate Drive & Destiny), an array of musical talent that each share the common negative stigma known as Attention Deficit Disorder. Rather than accept that ADD is a negative deficiency, they strive to exemplify that ADD has a higher understanding of brain activity that has simply been misunderstood.  Together they strive to empower individuals with the newly discovered scientific research that proves ADD is a form of creative genius that is integrating with human consciousness and is forcing us to look at the world and each other in a whole new way. 

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