Potentially Stupid/Unrealistic Questions before 9:30am

I wonder how the shooters feel after they get booked… Was it worth it?

Do u think the death penalty will shape people’s perspectives?

If there are double the amount of police in the communities where most of the violence is happening, will it cut down the violence?

They say the people in the communities need to be occupied with work and some sort of entertainment to keep them occupied. Should we buy the youth play stations and get them jobs working construction?

Should we install monitored surveillance on the blocks that are notorious for gun violence?

They want to instill 24/7 365 on site security patrol that doesn’t carry guns…. Is that pretty much suicide?

Should Canada put into place the Death Penalty for 1st degree murderers?

A province wide gun ban won’t stop the madness. Will it slow it down?

Are there any social activists doing anything to help Syria from Toronto?

Would spreading more of an emotional perspective by airing commercials and news conferences pleading to stop the violence from the victims families help change people’s viewpoints on the effects of violent acts?

Should the police do a city-wide blitz and just arrest any gang affiliated individuals, whilst having a social reform program instilled for those individuals when they get out of jail?


These potentially stupid and unrealistic questions came from a news segment that I heard on CBC’s “The Current” this morning.  All the bad news had me tripping….All I could think about at the time was solutions solutions solutions…there has to be solutions….
updated: November 13/12


It wasn't long before Marcos enrolled himself into a life coaching program that made him a certified Personal Empowerment Life Coach. With dreams of traveling the world as a motivational speaker, Marcos grabbed a firm hold of his dreams and decided to take action. The combination of his two passions, music and expressive guidance, led him to create a joint venture with a fellow mastermind called Niko Sofianos. Together they formed a group of artists called A.D.D. (Alternate Drive & Destiny), an array of musical talent that each share the common negative stigma known as Attention Deficit Disorder. Rather than accept that ADD is a negative deficiency, they strive to exemplify that ADD has a higher understanding of brain activity that has simply been misunderstood.  Together they strive to empower individuals with the newly discovered scientific research that proves ADD is a form of creative genius that is integrating with human consciousness and is forcing us to look at the world and each other in a whole new way. 

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