Market Lane Woodbridge Ontario

There comes a time when this small town of 120.000 people in Ontario, Canada comes together to celebrate victories pertaining to soccer winnings. Almost 90% of the population is of an Italian heritage. Whenever Italy wins an important game in the Fifa World Cup or a game in the EuroCup, the proud Italians make it a point to celebrate in style. On Sunday June 24,2012 Italy beat England in a 4-2 victory by Penalty Shots. Overall the game wasn’t an extraordinary spectacle to watch so I’m assuming that the anxiety built up from the anticipation to score a goal made the Italians eager for a hardcore celebration.

Market Lane is a small downtown area on Woodbridge Ave in the heart of Woodbridge. It is the meeting place for all Italians to go to when there is a reason to celebrate. Yesterday as soon as Italy beat England, Market Lane turned into a sea of Blue, Red, White, and Green. Traffic was backed up on all the major roads that led to the small downtown area. The fanatics were all in a state of frenzy with unbelievable displays of excitement and cheer. Horns were blaring, whistles were whistling, air horns were blaring, music was blasting, and people were singing. The small main road turned into a parade of some sort.

Every car that passed through Woodbridge Ave had the passengers hanging outside of their windows waving their flags and cheering loudly. There were people standing on top of the cars and on the window sills, as well as riding on the hood of the cars. Flat bed tow trucks were stacked with people on the back of the beds, and massive Italy flags were tied up to the mufflers on Mack Trucks and pickup trucks. The crowd was packed with a variety of ages ranging from 3 year olds to 60+. It was great to see so many people in good spirits.

So on to the semi-finals they go. Thursday June 28,2012 Italy plays Germany.

In my opinion Germany is the most powerful team in the league. It will be an exciting game to watch. Good luck to both teams!

Any predictions on the end result of the game?



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