The Fast Lane

It’s been about 2 years since I’ve been to Canada’s Wonderland.  From age 6-12 I got my seasons pass every year and we went so often that you would find it hard to believe.  My cousins and I pretty much went on every ride over and over and over again.  I can remember my aunt getting so exhausted of going, but she had no choice.  She saw how happy it made us.  We would go early in the morning before the park opened, and we would stay until it closed.  One of my fondest memories was lunch time.  We would always bring a blue cooler filled with Veal sandwiches.  The sandwiches had mayo, lettuce, and tomato. Mmmmmmmmm……… at the time that was my favourite food.  It just couldn’t get any better than a can of Coke and a milanesa sandwich. (milanesa is how you say veal in Argentina)

Once i got old enough to go on my own, I kept going every year.  A seasons pass was absolutely necessary.  I would always surround myself around people who loved to go to Wonderland.  At the time it was owned by Paramount, and about 4 years ago it was bought out, only to make it Canada’s Wonderland.   I have so many incredible memories of good times at Wonderland.  But now lets get to the point.

There is one memory that sticks out the most….

One thing that I have thought about over and over and over again….

One wish that I always thought of in my head, but never thought I ‘d see come true…

What was that wish?

I wished that there was some sort of way that I could have special treatment by the owner of Wonderland so that I can get LINE BYPASS ON ALL THE RIDES!!!!!!

Waiting in line sucks man!  Especially for 2-4 hours!  It used to drive me crazy!!  You can only imagine me and my A.D.D. waiting hours to go on a ride that I was highly anticipating.  I would sit on the bars, get off the bars, sit on the bars, get off the bars, rinse and repeat.

Well guess what?  Yesterday I went online to pay for a day pass and I came across something called…… da da da da……(sing it)…….


Oh man can you imagine my reaction?

I bought the season pass, instead of the day pass.

There’s a FAST LANE NOW!!!

How could I resist!

I’m 27, and to be honest I could careless about going by myself if I had to.  There’s a FAST LANE now!

So yesterday I went to Wonderland to try out the new ride Leviathan!

When we arrived to the area that had the Leviathan, there was a line that was calculated to be roughly a 4 hour wait.  I wondered to myself how great this “fast lane” pass was going to be so I walked to the Wonderland employee and said, “Hey bud, where do I go for Fast Lane access?”.  He pointed to a gate right next to the regular line that said .  

To my surprise,  we walked by all of the people in line, up the stairs, and straight into the gate that would take us to the front row of the coaster!  It was a sensational feeling!  A dream come true!  I was in shock and so was my friend.  We just couldn’t believe it.  Wow!

After that moment, the rest of the day was just straight up magical.  We went on every rollercoaster in the park in less than 2 hours. We ended up going on some of the toughest rides to get on, twice.  It was spectacular!  I’ll never forget the peoples faces who were waiting in line.  A look of jealousy, envy, and plain old confusion was easy to interpret.  I felt pretty awesome.  😛

For an extra $50, it’s well worth the “celebrity treatment”.

I had the chance of using my phone to film some of the rides that I went on.  Below you will see videos of my on “Top Gun” (Flight Deck), Vortex, and Leviathan.

Enjoy the rides!

– Marcos

Top Gun (Flight Deck)




It wasn't long before Marcos enrolled himself into a life coaching program that made him a certified Personal Empowerment Life Coach. With dreams of traveling the world as a motivational speaker, Marcos grabbed a firm hold of his dreams and decided to take action. The combination of his two passions, music and expressive guidance, led him to create a joint venture with a fellow mastermind called Niko Sofianos. Together they formed a group of artists called A.D.D. (Alternate Drive & Destiny), an array of musical talent that each share the common negative stigma known as Attention Deficit Disorder. Rather than accept that ADD is a negative deficiency, they strive to exemplify that ADD has a higher understanding of brain activity that has simply been misunderstood.  Together they strive to empower individuals with the newly discovered scientific research that proves ADD is a form of creative genius that is integrating with human consciousness and is forcing us to look at the world and each other in a whole new way. 

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